The Youthfulness of Aries

I shall start this blog at the beginning, at the most raw, at the base sign of the zodiac – Aries, the Ram. Ruled by the planet named after the Roman god of war, Mars, and armed with fire, Aries is the most energetic sign and the sign of being, of doing, and of acting. The sun enters the land of Aries during the first moment of spring, the season of youth and birth, which mirrors Aries’ rawness and energy. When Aries is prominent in a person’s natal chart, you know that person will be a leader, full of that raw energy.

I have never met an Aries who was not bursting at the seems with energy and life, like a small child being welcomed into the world. An energy that, if not harnessed or directed into some sort of creative outlet where they can make or construct something, can lead to dangerous, powerful aggression, unrivaled by any other sign of the zodiac.

With the energy of a child, Aries often has the naivety of one as well. They are passionate and bright, but they don’t always understand why they do what they do or the consequences of their actions. Aries often act on his instincts, trusting that everything else will then fall into place.


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